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Sustainability and Biological

Not only do we prefer organic fabrics, we also choose sustainable fabrics. But how do we ensure that our fabrics are sustainable?
Well, it's not just about biology.

After all, it is also important that a fabric lasts a long time, remains beautiful for a long time and, above all, retains its shape. Even after use and washing (tip washing at a maximum of 30 degrees is not only sustainable for the environment, this is also better for the fabrics and better for your energy bill).
To be able to offer this sustainable quality, we often have to purchase more expensive fabrics or have them produced from more expensive raw materials.
Because, for example, because our waffle cotton is made from ring yarn instead of open-end yarn, it stays beautiful for a long time, and has a good shape.
And because we dye most of our plain fabrics twice (double dyed), the colors stay beautiful longer, but above all they are deeper in color.
For example, we use extra long threads for our jersey fabrics, so that the fabric does not fray quickly after cutting.
Compt yarn is used for all our stretchy BEEBS fabrics (yarn twisted into a very small twisting triangle), which gives yarns better strength, better stretch and better quality. Compact yarn (strongly twisted), pills less than loose yarn (with little twist).
For the digital BEEBS fabrics we use a special technique that gives the fabrics sharp colors in clear prints (the 3d effect!). This technique and raw materials also ensure that the print on the fabric will not fade.
Just a selection of the applications for our sustainable fabrics.
In any case, more and more organic fabrics are for sale in our shop. Almost all other fabrics are also Oekotex certified.
You can read more about this on this page.
But sustainability continues at KicKenStoffen.
We only buy boxes with the FSC quality mark, in order to send our fabrics. We also ensure that we do not transport air, so a suitable box for every order. And as little plastic as possible, we don't use plastic shipping bags anyway.
Shipping is via Post nl. This is not only because we consider them to be the most reliable carrier, but also because sustainability is 'high priority' for them. All small mailbox packages are delivered sustainably, namely by bicycle or on foot. And soon Post NL wants all parcel drivers to drive electric vans.
All this together is very important to us in the context of sustainability.

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