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white (ecru) Zipper YKK nylon 50cm

wit (off white - ecru) Rits YKK nylon 50cm white (ecru) Zipper YKK nylon 50cm
wit (off white - ecru) Rits YKK nylon 50cm white (ecru) Zipper YKK nylon 50cm
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Product number YKK50K-OWE
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Always wash the fabrics equally cold before sewing, sorted by color, of course, especially if you will be working different fabrics against each other.

Product description

An extra service product at KicKenStoffen can only be ordered online (possible to be picked up at the Lapjesmarket in Utrecht).
The colors we have chosen fit the best-selling waffle colors (and possibly the matching other fabrics such as the terry cloth, teddy, fleece, hydrophilic etc.)
It is very difficult to get the thread clearly on the picture, sometimes a color looks a bit different on the photo, hence the many extra photos. We have chosen the colors matching the waffles, that we ourselves would use for this and find the most suitable.

This gütermann sewing thread is of the same quality as the other bobbins that you are used to.
The difference is the wrapper where it is rolled up.
Gütermann yarn is distinguished by its high reliability and excellent tensile strength and wear resistance
Many workshops and companies use these volume bobbins because of the favorable price (regular 1000 m costs € 8.50)

100% recycled


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Product features


biasbinding zippers
main color white - off white - ecru - creme
plain or printed plain
material other materials
size 45cm
quantity 1 stuk
quality mark
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