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Hydrophilic cotton (all)

You are probably already familiar with Double Gauze, also known as Muslin. You see this quality a lot in current fashion. It started with baby clothes, but has expanded to garments like blouses, shawls, dresses and ofcourse for layette. We couldn’t stay behind with this trend, that is why we have many double gauze basics in our web shop.

We have standard double gauze, the 2 layer double gauze (ca. 130gr/m2), but also triple layer, de 3 layer double gauze (ca. 190gr/m2). Last mentioned one is very thick and extra extra soft, perfect for summer blanked for instance! Then there is the quilted double gauze (ca. 240gr/m2), embroidery double gauze (ca. 130gr/m2) and stretch double gauze (ca. 150gr/m2).

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